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Work Accident Phoenix AZ

Work Accident Phoenix AZ

Work injuries happen everyday, and can happen at any unexpected time. Costly medical bills and long recovery periods can be a burden. These injuries can not only impair your ability to work but also impair your quality of life. Studies have shown that chiropractic treatment for spinal injuries have the shortest duration of disability, allowing you to enter back into your workplace quicker than any other option.

Description & Process

Some of the common accidents that lead to injuries include getting struck by an object, falling from a higher level, being compressed in mechanical equipment, repeated overuse and improper lifting techniques or just tripping or slipping. When dealing with a back injury from work, it is important to visit a chiropractor to make sure there is no spinal injury or misalignment. After the diagnosis, a chiropractor will be able to determine the treatment required, and move forward with a variety of spinal manipulation and soft tissue techniques to get the patient back into the workplace as soon as possible. All our techniques are noninvasive, and you will see drastic improvements after the first session and with each treatment moving forward.


The recovery process does not just end at our clinic. Our chiropractic team will give you a list of stretching and rehab exercises to further expedite the recovery process. Not only are there health benefits to seeing us for your injury, we also can assist your workers compensation. We will make sure and document your condition and record all stages of the process.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure that our patients who come in after an injury that occurred at work is able to recover and re-enter their work environment in the least amount of time possible. Through the steps of proper diagnosis, and effective chiropractic techniques, we make sure our patients not only heal quickly, but we also give our patients knowledge and exercises to prevent repeat injuries. Our physicians at Collision Chiropractors are experts at rehabilitation therapy and we will create an individualized treatment and recovery plan that will get you back to living a pain free life so you return to your daily activities.