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Chiropractic Rehab Center: Chiropractor in Phoenix, AZ

Most people first find out about chiropractic rehabilitation after an injury or traumatic event that has occurred to them. Others have found out about it through back problems and they have been seeking a better alternative. If you are someone that struggles from chronic pain, you may not be aware that this issue is coming from the vertebrae in your back. Chiropractic rehabilitation could be the answer for you.

Description & Process

Your back is what facilitates movement in your body and is also responsible for carrying your weight around. It’s not surprising that millions of Americans suffer from back problems. Some problems are less severe and easily correctable, such as poor posture and repetitive movements, while others are more severe and need more attention, like pinched nerves and herniated discs.

Chiropractic rehabilitation utilizes chiropractic adjustments, rather than invasive surgery or narcotic pain medications to treat your pain. It optimizes your recovery from injuries and also highly reduce chances of relapse.


One of the main things we do at Collision Chiropractors is incorporate multiple diagnostic tools that will assess your injuries to maximize your recovery. Managing your own rehabilitation process can be risky and also will hinder your progress. Chiropractic rehabilitation can restore proper alignment in your back, restore flexibility, improve your posture and give you a broader range of motion for your body. The adjustments you receive are safe, as long as you receive them by a licensed professional, such as our physicians here at Collision Chiropractors. Examples of common rehabilitation exercises you may do is stretching, foam rolling and self-myofascial release, strengthening exercises, and joint mobility exercises.

Chiropractor rehabilitation is also great for pregnancy! A large amount of women already have back problems before pregnancy and these issues only get worse as they progress through pregnancy. The extra weight a baby adds puts a lot of pressure and wear on the spine. The highest amount of pressure occurs in the lumbar spine, which is mostly your lower back. Chiropractic rehabilitation can relieve this pressure and pain and also help a women be more relaxed when delivering.

Our Mission

Chiropractic rehabilitation is extremely important because many of the injuries and pains that you may be facing have taken time to develop and may require you to retrain your muscles for them to fully heal. You can start feeling less pain after your very first visit but it is important to continue rehabilitation for best outcome. Contact us now for consultation.