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Auto Injury Chiropractor Phoenix AZ

Car Accident Chiropractor Phoenix AZ

Severe auto accidents can leave you hospitalized, while mild accidents can leave you with micro-tears or torn ligaments. Regardless of the severity, an auto accident can cause long term pain to your body. It is important to pay attention to how you are feeling in the moment, days and weeks after an auto accident. Injuries suffered from these accidents may not show immediately. If you are feeling any pain anytime after an auto injury or experienced bodily injury, it is crucial to see a chiropractor. Especially if experiencing neck or back pain.

Description & Process

There are many types of car accident injuries your body can sustain. Most common types of car accident injuries are whiplash, neck injuries, herniated discs, soft-tissue injuries and displaced bone fragments in the spine. Symptoms that you may feel from these injuries are headaches, backlash, neck pain, body stiffness, anxiety and even panic attack symptoms. If left untreated, these symptoms will only get worse overtime. Here at Collision Chiropractic, our physicians address the underlying cause of pain to treat the symptoms and the problems your body is facing.


Our physicians at Collision Chiropractor can help relieve the pain you have suffered from an auto accident. We do this by providing exercise along with nutritional advice that will help with the healing process. Two huge results you will experience after seeing our physicians are a quicker relief of pain and faster restore in mobility. After we see that your pain is being relieved, we will then enter a phase called corrective care. This will help prevent future pain and allow your muscles to fully heal.

Our Mission

It is crucial to seek chiropractic care after any auto accident. If not treated properly, these issues will only lead to other serious health problems. Here at Collision Chiropractors, we will provide you with an effective, safe, non-invasive care that will relieve your body of pain suffered from auto accidents. Don’t turn to addictive pain medications or any other short time fixes for your injury. We want your body to heal itself naturally. See us so we can get to the underlying issues and properly relieve your pain and restore your mobility.